"First Hills," 9.25"x12", charcoal  , collection of Ellen Wilson

"First Cove," pencil on paper  5.5" x 11", 2005

"Eucalyptus Grove," charcoal on paper, 7"x9.5", 2005

"Overpass City," ink on paper,  5.5"x7", 2005

"Paw Sox Stadium," ink on paper, 5.5"x7", 2005

"Low Tide," charcoal on paper,  6.5"x9.25", 2005

"Beach Fence," and "Trophy Shelf," from 'Book of Two Weeks,' 4.5"x5.5"

"Manhattan," from 'Book of Places' artists book, 12"x14" 2004

"November Self Portrait," 30 ink  drawings on mylar, 8.5"x11"